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We were hugely relieved when we got this lovely large circular limestone trough craned into situ in this York townhouse garden.   The customer had made a plinth for the trough to sit on in order to elevate the piece to give maximum impact.  Bratts Transport did a great job, making sure it was very […]


A really good way of adding interest to a dry stone wall is to actually build troughs into the wall.  This adds interest & colour to hard landscaping.   Our customer has made a fantastic job of this wall cleverly using shallow & deep troughs to create different levels, finished off with some lovely alpine […]

STONE TROUGHS ADD STUNNING COLOUR TO CORPORATE OFFICES are proud to have supplied a selection of large troughs to add colour and interest in the grounds of the head offices of  a well known Yorkshire family business.  When planted up by the head gardner, they really did look a picture.

Large Circular Trough – Used For a Rose Garden Project in Yorkshire

We recently sold a large circular trough to a customer in Yorkshire who has used it as a centre piece in her rose garden.  Granite sets have been used to set the trough off , and the trough has been placed on a plinth which was specially built to raise it up to draw the […]

My Own Herb Garden in a Stone Trough

I love to cook, and to me there is nothing more satisfying than stepping outside of my back door onto my patio, and snipping fresh, home grown herbs straight from the garden.  Antique stone troughs make superb herb gardens.  Smaller, shallow stone troughs arranged in groups, different shapes and sizes make an attractive display when […]

Plant a Vine

A vine has been planted in this beautiful stone trough, which adds interest to an otherwise ordinary stone wall.

Create a Parterre Garden with a Circular Stone Trough

A parterre is a pattern of boxwood or similar hedge plants, with the areas between filled with other plants. Traditionally, the hedging would be the permanent plants, and the infill made up of annuals and vegetables.  A stunning addition would be to place a central feature within the parterre, such as a circular stone trough […]

Grow Your Own Veg!

We have used antique troughs as raised beds for our own vegetable garden this year.  Potatoes, carrots, cabbages, lettuce, beetroot and onions, to name but a few of the vegetables we have grown.  Results so far are excellent!  Good drainage is key.  We have drilled through the base of the troughs and used plenty of […]

Ducks Take Flight

A large antique millstone has been used to create a spectacular water feature in a garden south of Harrogate.  We sold this fabulous 5′ diameter millstone to one of our customers who placed it in the centre of a purpose built pond.  It has been raised up on a plinth by about a foot.  Water […]