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Long Narrow Stone Trough Used for Climbers

This long narrow trough was used in a tight parking area of a driveway, to be used to plant on a north facing wall.  The trough was sold only 2 years ago to this customer, who had tried all sorts of different planting without success.  This pyracantha looks like it is thriving and gives the […]

Stone trough ideas in large gardens

We were out and about visiting some of the troughs that we have sold locally so that we can post images to give customers ideas and inspiration for their own gardens.  This beautiful large stone trough has been used in a very large space in a garden just outside of Harrogate . It has created […]

Chelsea Flower Show success for Tracey Foster

We are delighted that Tracey Foster picked up a Gold Award  with her Welcome To Yorkshire Garden. Not only are  extremely excited that Tracey has won this award, we are so please that people have had the opportunity to enjoy a garden filled with yorkshire stone. We first met Tracey Foster several years ago, when […]

Stone Troughs by Night

Stone Troughs by night

With this strange weather, we were thinking that it would be great to show customers some of our troughs lit up at night. We shall be featuring a section of “troughs by night’ so people can enjoy our beautiful stone troughs in the dark, as well as during the day.

Planting Ideas for Stone Troughs

These are a few pictures of troughs that we have had that have been planted up by our customers. We are delighted that we have sold stone troughs through the UK and internationally, we will be contacting some of our customers to get some more trough images for our blog over the summer. We have […]

Stone Troughs are ideal for Alpines

Stone troughs are ideal for planting your precious alpines in. We will be visiting the Chelsea Flower Show to look at more planting ideas for our stone troughs, so please keep a look out for our new posts. The troughs in this gallery have been planted with alpines. You can obtain information on the cultivation and […]

Stone Trough History – Part 1

Most troughs were built for watering stock and are found both within and along the edges of fields. They can also be found in the enclosures attached to field barns where they held water for over-wintering cattle. Many troughs are set into field walls so that they can serve stock in two fields; these often […]