Delivery Information

Large Trough Delivery

Troughs can be collected from us or we can arrange for delivery anywhere in the UK or abroad. We have our own range of vehicles to cater for the delivery of the smallest to the largest troughs that we stock.Vehicles include a pick up, a 7.5 tonne wagon and a 26 tonne crane wagon that can lift a 2 tonne trough 25 feet away from the wagon. Good access is required for this wagon.

Inaccessible Garden?

If you have one of those gardens that is difficult to gain access to, we can arrange specialist delivery and lifting equipment to get the troughs in position. (See photos).

Pallet Deliveries

For small to medium troughs up to about 4 feet in length or a maximum of 500Kg, the most economical way for us to deliver your trough is via a pallet delivery service. This entails a ‘kerbside delivery’ with a tail lift equipped wagon and will typically cost between £75.00 & £90 plus VAT throughout the UK mainland.